Hello & welcome to First Parish Church of Newbury!  We’re a United Church of Christ congregation with a traditional worship service and dynamic mission programs that serve hundreds in our community.  Please join us for worship any Sunday at 10:00 AM.  See below for more info.  We look forward to meeting you!
Rev. Jeff MacDonald, Pastor of First Parish Church of Newbury


Join us for:

Summer Worship:

July:  9:30 AM at Belleville Congregational Church, High Street, Newburyport,

August: 9:30 AM at First Parish.

Parking at First Parish is available behind the church and is permissible at the front of the church.

Entrances include the handicapped one near the parking lot, the pre-school entrance near the bottom of the driveway, and the front entrance.

Fellowship and refreshments are offered after Sunday worship services.

Communion is offered once a month, usually on the first Sunday.  

Bible Discussions will resume in September

Knitters and Crafters of all levels meet the third Tuesday of every month in the Parish Hall at 6:30 PM.  All are welcome!   For details contact Susan at

Monthly pot lucks are the last Sunday of every month from September to June.

Nursery care and Sunday School is open to all .  Meet our teachers and caretakers any Sunday mornings from September to June.  Details and registration materials can be found at

Visit our Facebook Page at


Tour the First Parish Burying Ground anytime to see what our preservation, restoration and maintenance efforts have provided to honor and conserve the contributions of many Veterans and early settlers buried there.  Consider attending a Stone cleaning workshop at the burial ground  Saturday, 9:30 AM, July 7th.  Rachel Meyer will be demonstrating methods and stones appropriate for cleaning.













Other events:

Hear this nationally touring duo during worship August 5th at the First Parish.  They will  also be performing a house concert at the home of parishioner, Edwina Goodhue Saturday evening, August 4th.  Contact her at if you’d like to attend.











Book discussion of A welcoming Church by Tom Rainer following worship and the potluck, Sunday at noon, June 24th.  The author is a highly sought after consultant with recognized wisdom and appreciation for small churches such as ours.  Its a quick, short, engaging read.

Church Council meets the first Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the Parish Hall, August through June.

Church Deacon’s meet next Tuesday, 6/19,  at 7:00 PM in the church library.


First Parish Missions: 

food pantry volunteers

The Food Pantry provides food for special diets, toiletries, pet food, and perishable/non-perishable food.  We are open to all in need and welcome volunteers.  The entry door is located near the rear parking lot and is handicapped accessible.

One of our patrons recently described her experience. highlighting ways in which the pantry has served her special needs as “a disabled resident of Newburyport living below the poverty line.  “At many pantries there is very little I can take because of my environmental illness (allergies and such.)…The foods I receive have contributed enormously to my health.”

She and we want to thank every person who works to make the First Parish Food Pantry successful.  Farmers, volunteers, gardeners, drivers, coordinators, and community members.


The 2017 New Eden garden organic community garden growing season has ended.  If you want to know more about how it works and would like to consider renting a plot next year, contact Chuck Mead at   Details can be found at

A stone being repaired

One of our Garden founders, Erin Stack, is the owner of a local organic farm.  She has a Garden Club “geared toward the home gardener/homesteader who wants a deep understanding of environmental stewardship and a holistic approach to their landscape and garden.”  You can find more about this offering by following the link to her website at:

Cemetery Preservation: To find a family member or founding father buried in the First Parish burying ground a comprehensive map of the burying ground can be viewed at

Also available to assist are Karen King at 978-465-8101 and Tracey Goodwin at

Stone Cleaning

A grant funded preservation project at First Parish’s Old Burial Ground enabled Joshua Gerloff and Rachael Meyer to restore and clean many valuable stones last summer.  Visitors and community members are always welcome to tour the grounds and join us for upcoming stone cleaning workshops.

 If you are interested in joining or supporting our preservation committee contact Karen King.



seeking historical relics during the scavenger hunt

Rails and Trails scavenger hunt participants











 Re-purposing/recycling of used clothing:  

We’ve partnered with St. Pauly Inc., granting permission for them to put a clothing shed in our parking lot.  We support their efforts to:   

Reduce waste in landfills

Enable your clothing to be used worldwide

Redistribute donations as whole garments

The shed accepts donations of all clothing, shoes, sneakers, belts, purses, blankets, towels, sheets, pillowcases, curtains, and stuffed toys.




Our Secret Garden Indoor/Outdoor Environmental Pre-school is a nature based pre-school created to provide quality care and education for children ages 2.9 to 5.  The school is open 5 days a week from September through June and a summer enrichment program is available in July and August.

Applications are now being accepted for the Summer Camp Sessions.  There is still room in the themed weeks scheduled the weeks of July 9th (Let the Games Begin) and July 23rd (From Back to Rock).  Details and registration information are available at

The OSG website is at

growing organically in the children’s garden



What happens at First Parish Church?

Here’s a quick introduction:

*Worship. We praise, proclaim, petition and encounter the living God together every Sunday  morning in our historic 1869 sanctuary.

*Education. Our Biblically knowledgeable teachers help elementary & middle school kids learn and grow spiritually during worship hour (9:45 am – 11 am Sundays) from mid-September through mid-June.

*Formation. We explore scriptures in depth together in our discipleship & Bible study group, which meets twice a month before worship. Here we consider what it means for us, both as unique individuals and as a faith community, to live in light of the Gospel. Open to ages 14 on up.

*Outreach. Parishioners established a food pantry that provides non-perishable food and pet supplies every Friday afternoon.  During the growing season New Eden Organic garden share holders donate a percentage of their produce to the food pantry.

*Fellowship. We have social time with refreshments weekly after worship & monthly over a community meal.




Q: Do I have to be a member of the church to, say, attend Bible study or volunteer at the Salvation Army?

A: No! Newcomers are welcome to hop in anywhere and anytime. That’s how spiritual experiences happen and how authentic relationships grow.

Q: Am I supposed to dress up for church?

A: You may if you would like, but it’s not required. Some wear ties and dresses; others come in t-shirts and jeans. Whatever is comfortable for you is OK.

Q: Do I need to believe something in particular?

A: We teach the scriptures and doctrines of Christianity. We regard them as true and trustworthy. However, we don’t expect everyone to arrive as experts or anything close to it. We’re all curious to learn more. We strive to see our life experiences anew through lenses of Christian teachings and to live in relationship with the living God of the Bible. First Parish provides a safe space to ask questions, learn and grow. And we equip individuals and families with resources for making progress from week to week.

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