Greeting from Rev. Jeff MacDonald
Welcome to our site! We’re a Congregational Christian church with a  380-year history in Newbury and core ministries in worship, Bible study, fellowship and outreach. We believe loving God involves both serving neighbors and caring for the earth. Please have a look around and visit us on a Sunday morning. We’re glad you’re here.


 Fall Worship and Offerings

We welcome Rev. Oliver Jones, who will be preaching the last two or three weeks of every month through the month of February.  He will also be leading bible discussion every fourth Sunday during this time.

Rev. Jeffrey MacDonald is still very much with us and will be preaching and assuming all other duties the first two weeks of each month . He is pursuing an exciting opportunity to visit, research, and publish different ways churches such as ours work with part time ministers. We look forward to hearing about his findings and resuming his usual schedule in March.

the red doorWorship Services begin at 10:00 AM.

Fellowship and refreshments follow worship in the downstairs Parish hall. .

October 9th is our Harvest Communion Service.  Weather permitting, worshippers will venture outside to  partake of available bread and wine from the organic gardens and earth oven.  If the weather cooperates, worshipers are invited to sample pizza cooked in the earth oven after the service.  All are welcome to participate. Toppings you’d like to bring for a pizza can be added by our earth oven chef, who has generously offered to fire up the oven and bake for us.  Thank you Chuck!

Part 2 of the Annual meeting is scheduled after worship October 2nd..  The 2016/2017 budget will be presented and voted on at that time.  .

Bible Discussions  8:30 AM the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month. You can’t miss this group from many religious backgrounds – Congregationalist, Lutheran, Jewish, Catholic Christian Scientist, having a fun stimulating conversation about what we hear in the scripture and what it might mean in our lives.  We welcome newcomers and meet next September 25th.

Sunday School and Nursery care Open House September 18th:

Families are invited to visit downstairs in Holton Hall for the first day of Sunday School.  Registration will begin at 9:45 with activities ending at 11:15.  Parents may join worship upstairs with the congregation led by Rev. Jeffrey MacDonald.

Students 3 years through 9th grade  will participate in lessons, prayer, discussion, memorization, singing, games, and crafts that help them discover the bible and Christian faith.  We will be learning about the Lord’s prayer, the Golden Rule, creation, Joseph and his brothers in Genesis, Psalm 100,  and the birth of Jesus.  Children age 3 to Pre-K have a large separate play area with toys and books.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, Palm Sunday, and Easter are especially celebrated.  Vacation time will coincide with school calendar.  Please call Bert and Sayre Noyes at 978-462-425- for more information and see more details at


The church Food Pantry is open every Friday from 3:00 PM until 5:00 PMProduce from the church’s organic garden shares, other perishable and non-perishable food (including products for those on special diets), toiletries, and pet food are available to all in need.  The entry door is located near the rear parking lot of the building is handicapped accessible.

More details about the founding of the pantry and ways to use or support it, can be found at:

Open Council Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. 

Open Deaconate Meetings are  the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00.



The 2016 New Eden Community Garden Season is coming to a close. Contact Chuck Mead at if you are interested in reserving a plot for next year or joining gardeners for any final garden parties that include pizza made in the earth oven.  More information is at


Many thanks to Donald Jarvis for initiating the First Parish Burial Ground Restoration Project!  The church fully supports and appreciates the massive undertaking of Donald and crews of community volunteers to make this historic site accessible to all interested in visiting the graves of Newbury’s founders and veterans.  Information about this project and ways you can help is at:

OSG logo

Our Secret Garden Indoor/Outdoor Environmental Pre-school is open for enrollment.  It is an environmentally based center created to provide the community with quality care and education.  Information about the program is available at

Upcoming concerts:

Boston Camerata is returning December 3rd to perform A Medieval Christmas.  This year’s performance gives a glimpse of Christmas spirituality from medieval France, Italy, England, and Provence.  More information and tickets are available at 

boston Camerata

The Goodhues Band will be performing Friday evening, December 30th. More details to follow..  Visit their website at


What happens at First Parish Church?

Here’s a quick introduction:

*Worship. We praise, proclaim, petition and encounter the living God together every Sunday  morning in our historic 1869 sanctuary.

*Education. Our Biblically knowledgeable teachers help elementary & middle school kids learn and grow spiritually during worship hour (9:45 am – 11 am Sundays) from mid-September through mid-June.

*Formation. We explore scriptures in depth together in our discipleship & Bible study group, which meets twice a month before worship. Here we consider what it means for us, both as unique individuals and as a faith community, to live in light of the Gospel. Open to ages 14 on up.

*Outreach. Parishioners established a food pantry that provides non-perishable food and pet supplies every Friday afternoon.  During the growing season New Eden Organic garden share holders donate a percentage of their produce to the food pantry.

*Fellowship. We have social time with refreshments weekly after worship & monthly over a community meal.




Q: Do I have to be a member of the church to, say, attend Bible study or volunteer at the Salvation Army?

A: No! Newcomers are welcome to hop in anywhere and anytime. That’s how spiritual experiences happen and how authentic relationships grow.

Q: Am I supposed to dress up for church?

A: You may if you would like, but it’s not required. Some wear ties and dresses; others come in t-shirts and jeans. Whatever is comfortable for you is OK.

Q: Do I need to believe something in particular?

A: We teach the scriptures and doctrines of Christianity. We regard them as true and trustworthy. However, we don’t expect everyone to arrive as experts or anything close to it. We’re all curious to learn more. We strive to see our life experiences anew through lenses of Christian teachings and to live in relationship with the living God of the Bible. First Parish provides a safe space to ask questions, learn and grow. And we equip individuals and families with resources for making progress from week to week.

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