First Parish Of Newbury, 20 High Road, Newbury, MA

Sunday Worship:  10:00 AM.  

Summer worship services begin July 7.
July worship: Sundays 9:30 am, Belleville Congregational Church, 300 High Road, Newburyport.
August worship: Sundays 9:30 am, here at First Parish.
Please note First Parish will not host worship services in July




Food Pantry:

John Merrow helps unload 3,137 pbls of food for the October FP community food pantry stock up

This mission is designed to provide food assistance to those in need and to give area residents a vehicle for helping their neighbors.

Anyone wishing to help can:

Donate non-perishable goods, personal hygiene products, and/or pet food Sunday mornings between 9:30 and 11:30 AM.

Donate funds via a check payable to First Parish with “food pantry” in the memo .

Offer to help with food distribution efforts by leaving a phone message or sending us an e-mail.

Food distribution is every Friday from 3 to 5 PM except on major holidays. The pantry is easily accessed via a  handicap ramp that leads to the door of the pantry.  Anyone in need is welcome.  No proof of need or name needs to be provided.


new eden gardens


New Eden Organic Community Gardens  e-mails can be sent to:

The New Eden Collaborative of First Parish Church brings together individuals, families, and organizations in a mission to model an environmentally and ethically sustainable Community.

The New Eden Organic Community Gardens were designed to give participants the skills and satisfaction that growing crops in an environmentally sustainable manner with other gardeners brings.  Alternatives to synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides are incorporated and our practices are guided by National Organic Standard


Our Secret Garden Preschool

The First Parish Church of Newbury has a secular preschool that utilizes space in Holton Hall as well as outdoor space, including an organic children’s garden.  It was created in the spirit of the church’s stewardship of Earth and Spirit.

Our Secret Garden Indoor/Outdoor Nursery and Preschool (OSG) is a nature-based center aimed at nurturing children of all abilities to care for themselves, each other and the earth in a quality educational program. OSG is committed to environmental stewardship, believing that every child has incalculable worth and can make a positive difference in the community and in the world.

You can learn more about it via the below link and contact information:


We have featured an array of different music that ranges from that provided during services and a two year concert series funded by the Newburyport Institute for Savings. The Boston Camerata regularly performs at First Parish as well

.  Our sanctuary, which contains an organ, piano, mics, and great acoustics is available to musicians needing space to perform or jam.

Restoration of the Old Burial Ground and this founding church of Newbury:







Spiritual offerings include Sunday Worship, Bible Study, Monthly Pot Luck brunches and weekly after service gatherings to build fellowship and community


IMG_0578Sunday School

We have Sunday school for children from mid-September through mid-June. Children arrive at 9:45 a.m. and are done at approximately 11. We use a one-room schoolhouse approach. Most of our students are in grades 1-7, but younger ones are welcome too. Older children usually worship with their parents during the same hour. We meet in the Holton Hall pre-school area (downstairs) while the congregation worships upstairs.

How it works: Children are guided to explore ways that the Love of God informs our life concepts.   Activities and games are inspired by Bible stories.  We consider how they apply to everyday life situations and explore the effects of our choices on each other, the world, and the environment.

Children can expect to spend time playing games, doing crafts, growing things, learning songs, reading the Bible, preparing and eating snacks, considering the Earth, attending and participating in portions of church services, and doing missions projects.

Teachers utilize The Group Publishing’s Faith Weaver Bible Curriculum and One room school principles.  Thus older children are given opportunities to assist younger children during group activities.

As we learn about connections to God, to each other and to the land, we hope to grow things in a community organic gardening plot allocated to the Sunday school and located directly behind the church.

All children are welcome to join the Sunday school at any time.  Questions can be addressed to  

A registration form is available below.  

  Sunday School Registration

Please print and return this form. You may either 1) email it to bertnoyes at comcast dot net, or 2) mail it to: First Parish Church of Newbury, 20 High Road, Newbury, MA  01951 Attn: Bert & Sayre Noyes

Name of Child(ren) and ages:


Address(s) of Child(ren)


Parents name(s):


Parent Address (s) if different from child


e-mail address (s):


Home phone (s)


Cell phone (s)


Please note any allergies, physical limitations, or specialized learning needs helpful for our teachers to know about:


Any other pertinent information: