What to Expect

                                Taking Part in Church Life

                                “Doing church” at First Parish takes many forms: worship, Bible study & discipleship group, Sunday school for kids, monthly meals & volunteering in the community. Jump in anywhere! Check the calendar for opportunities: http://firstparishofnewbury.org/calendar/. You don’t have to be a regular attendee at Sunday worship to get involved.

                                Attending Worship

At First Parish Church, we want visitors to feel at ease. To that end, here are a few insights into how things work at worship.

Most people park behind the building, then walk down the driveway and enter through the side door that says “Holton Hall.” Some prefer to walk or park on the street and enter through the front doors; that’s fine, too. And we have handicapped accessibility near the rear parking lot as well.

Worship begins at 10 a.m. from September through June. Parents with children drop their kids downstairs at Sunday School at 9:45. They go upstairs for worship & pick up their kids at 11.

Attire is as casual or formal as you like to be in church. Anything that helps you worship God with an open heart is perfectly appropriate.

                                Participating in Worship

                                Worship is an active, group activity. We welcome participation! If you have musical or artistic talents to share in worship, please contact Pastor Jeff MacDonald at revgjmacdonald@gmail.com.

Maybe you’d like to read scripture. It’s a great ministry that involves letting God’s word sit in your soul for a few days, then reading the week’s texts in the house of worship. You can sign up for specific weeks here: http://bit.ly/1qK8HbS. Rev. MacDonald will send you the texts in advance.